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Final Winter TBIRD Dressage Gateway Series

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Reserve Training Level Champion!

Riders Balance Awareness!

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You should be aware of you and your horse’s body at all times.

Do you notice your horse running through bends or corners, falling in or out of the circles, or loosing their rhythm? Whether you are walking a simple figure or riding Olympic movements balance should always be a priority. Ways to check are the horse’s ears level, hips and shoulders level? Can you ride straight? Is the saddle slipping?

Think of controlling the alignment of the horse’s spine! It is natural to have confirmation asymmetry, but ignoring this fact can lead to physical issues down the road. For example unbalanced or different feet, muscle loses or muscle overdevelopment. I myself have owned a horse with extreme muscle lose in his left shoulder causing a slight overdevelopment of his right; in which caused his left foot to become narrow, due to the fact of him naturally travelling unbalanced. We also had an extremely hard time fitting a saddle to him as you can imagine. The saddle would constantly slip over and would not stay centered without the use of a corrective pad! It took a good year of constantly being aware of riding him as symmetrically as possible. Through slow, steady, straight and balanced riding, I was able to fix a lot of his muscle differentiation. This lovely guy surprised everyone by schooling up the third level and 1.25m jumps before I sold him.

Balance as we all know starts with the rider. We must sit level at all times. No one is perfect, so this always leaves something that every rider can work on all the time. Look and see how square you stand! Are your shoulders level, head in line, hips parallel? Awareness of your posture habits is key! If you are not sitting in symmetry, you ultimately are blocking your horse; hindering their ability to move as balanced as possible. Think, half of your body on either side of his spine! An easy way to check is to simply look down. Where are you seated in the saddle? Are your seat bones evenly placed and weighted? If your arena has mirrors or if you have a riding partner ask, are my shoulders, elbows, hands and heels level?

Sitting in symmetry is considered your ‘neutral’ position! Horses of all disciplines become sensitive to the aids because this balanced seat has tranquility! Meaning the tiniest aids can be acknowledged clearly. Learn to ride independently and do not give away your position. As you ride constantly check and reorganise yourself with tiny balance checks. One of the biggest mistakes I see with riders of all ages is applying their aids too long or strong. For example, many coaches constantly say, ‘Inside leg to outside hand!’ this statement is extremely true, but many ignore the fact that maybe the rider is already gripping or pushing with that inside leg! This causes a dull unbalanced horse, and also an unsymmetrical rider. If the inside leg is pushing or gripped on to hard it causes that leg to shorten upwards pushing the seat towards the outside with the shoulders leaning inwards. This will constantly cause the horse to fall in off balance over and over again.

It is tempting to just go and start training towards your next goal, competition or movement of the next level. Resist the temptation! Don’t make the horse rush his own balance! Unbalanced horses have more risk of injury and mental stress, which ultimately will start to cause anxiety undersaddle. Take the time and build you horse up at their own unique pace. Maybe that means riding more conservatively for a couple weeks or toning down on the training regimen. It will pay off in the long run and will naturally allow the horse to start to offer hard movements before you may think to even ask them

Try to prevent lose of balance before it happens!!


February TBIRD Show

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Candor Equestrian went down for the TBIRD Dressage schooling show on the 26th of February!  Limoges was an absolute angel for her first outing in over a year; A bit distracted, but behaved and did everything that was asked of her.   Only 0.2% away from being the high score!

Beautiful Snow Morning

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It has snowed yet again here in Squamish!

Good luck to all at tbird this weekend!

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Good luck to all competing at the Park Select this weekend!

In 2015 this show was my debut at 1.15/1.20m.

Thunderbird offers a group of schooling show throughtout the winter called the Gateway Series. These shows should be everyones go to, as they prep for the upcoming season. Get some good rounds at a new height in a fun encouraging environement. 

Tentative Show Dates 2017

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TBIRD Gateways- February 26th, March 26th

Touch of Class- June 16-18th

Rising Stars- August 2017

PRDC- Sept 1st- October 1st

Mane Event- October 20th-22nd



TBIRD Gateways- February 19th, March 19th

*Available for most A Show’s (Dates not set)*